Pubbin’ it


My sister and I had been in Ireland for two days. And we still hadn’t gone into a pub.
So on night #3, we went out.

The night could’ve turned out really disappointing if two things hadn’t happened.

1) if we hadn’t found a pub still offering food.

My sister and I had been out all day, and hadn’t eaten anything but a bag of chips crisps since breakfast.

We had made it downtown Galway just after 8pm. And after checking in with three different pubs, we found out most pubs stopped serving food at 8.


Luckily we found a hole in the wall, really tiny, three story wine bar. And the food was deliciousss! I ordered a Cajun chicken panini and the sis got a savory crepe.

We enjoyed people watching from the 2nd story window as we ate.

2) the 2nd thing that made our night awesome was a pub recommendation by our bed and breakfast host.

She had told us to go just down the road from where we were staying — instead of trying to brave the busy Galway pubs.

We didn’t realized just how right she was. After trying to get a drink at a couple different pubs, we and ended up paying for a taxi back to Salthill.

And we went to the bessstt spot!

So if your ever in Salthill- just outside of Galway, Ireland – go to O’Connors.

They start music at about 10.

We were so glad that was our 1st pub experience.



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