When Going to a Flight Attendant Interview..

..never show up late.

{I can speak on personal experience for this one. Showing up late is a major offense in the Flight Attendant world, mainly because they run on being ON TIME. That is part of your job. And if you can’t even show up to your interview on time, then what does that say to the rest of your career?}

Always come professionally dressed.

{Nothing screams “DONT HIRE ME!” louder than arriving at an Open House, wearing last years red hoochie-mama dress, a messy bun, and a loud personality. Come how they describe. Nice pants/skirt, blouse, and a business jacket that neatly buttons up. Nude panty-hose stockings, and black high heals – along with a neat bun and a pretty smile, will all help seal the deal.}

Bring everything that they ask you to bring.

{The normal requirements are a Photo of yourself, a Resume, Cover letter, along with some paper and a pen. Occasionally they want copies of your High School diploma. Double check everything that they want you to bring! And if you have a nice binder to bring it in, even better.}

Research your airline your are applying for.

{They all love it when you can tell them why their airline is the best. How many countries do they fly to? Are they expanding? How quickly, and with what new destinations? What makes their airline unique? The customer service? Do your research, and come with your notes!  }

Find out common questions Airline Interviewers may ask.

{After an interviewer has asked a question, no one likes an awkward pause. So by doing a little research, and pre-thinking of some possible answers will significantly help you when you are in the hot seat.}

Keep smiling, but don’t forget your professional attitude.

{Show them your pearly whites! But dont let them think you are some high school girl who cant be a professional adult. I have made the mistake of thinking they wanted someone sooooo outgoing and smiley and nice, and then realizing afterwards how silly I looked. Make sure you are friendly, but not high school girl friendly.}

And just remember, if you aren’t hired don’t let that get you down. Everyone I talk to has had to interview multiple times!

Good luck!!


2 thoughts on “When Going to a Flight Attendant Interview..

  1. Thank you for sharing, I have a group interview for next Thursday, and I bought a black skirt today. But I wonder whether it is proper to wear a red suit because I know the uniform of the company I applied is red suit. Or I just wear a safe black suit?

    • Hey Wen,

      That’s so exciting! Before my interview with emirates I had researched and found that wearing something close to the uniform will let the people interviewing you be able to picture you in their uniform.
      I would go with whatever looks most professional.
      For my interview I wore red lipstick, because part of the uniform for emirates is the signature red lipstick. Must have helped because I got the job! 😉
      Good luck with your interview!

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