Emirates Day 1

So, I was supposed to have Saturday off. But, life happens, and I ended up going into work at the extremely early time of 3am; making,baking,and packaging our bread before leaving at 6am. It was a crazy morning!!

I rushed home, got ready, grabbed my things, and flew out the door (but not before stopping at the twin sisters house and getting tea & an english muffin! Yum Yum). I made great time, and got there a half hour before it started!

There was already a ton of people there, and I joined the line that had been forming, to pick up a couple forms we all had to fill out.

9 am comes, and we all file into the room and take our seats. I sat by my two new friends I had made.( Blue dress and Hawaiian girl.)

There was an introduction, talking about Emirates, how it worked after you are hired and your move to Dubai. Then following that, a DVD.

Did I mention that the two ladies that were leading the Open House were gorgeous and had amazing accents! One was from Australia, the other from Bosnia.

Afterwards, they had a Q&A session. People are pretty hilarious. Some of the questions they were asking were sooo silly. I mean, do you really need to know what the cost would be for all the different cell phone plans over in Dubai? C’mon.

Well, the thing that took up the most time was the interviewing process. There were only the two interviewers, needing to talk to the 120+ people,  and each conversation took 1 – 3 minutes.

So nice pretty Hawaiian girl and I left to get something to eat in the Hotel lobby. I never saw blue dress after that. This other blonde, that I had noticed at the very beginning of the day, ended up joining  us and we all got to chatting at the small starbucks.

It was crazy how far some of the Flight Attendant hopefuls had come; Georgia, North Carolina, Hawaii, Texas, a 7 hour drive up from Los Angeles! And as far as I knew, Emirates did not refund anyone of expenses. Yikes.

So after about a half hour, we went back in the main room and joined the line that had formed.

My turn came.. and 1st thing I was asked to do was complete the reach test. Shoes, off, reach up high, and yes!! I cleared the tiny poster that represented a certain height everyone had to be able to reach.

Following that were the questions.

“Can you tell me a time where you had to deal with an upset customer, and how you handled it”

I explained this horrible misunderstanding that had happened one time at my job, where a customer had brought in a picture of her family that she wanted put on a cake. The thing was, she wanted us to cut out the rest of the family – so that only the part of her daughter was left.

So we followed her directions, she came in to get her cake — and she flipped ouuutt when, after asking for her family photo back, did she realize we had used the actual picture and not a copy!

I described how upset she was and how I worked out the misunderstanding.

Why do you want to be a Flight Attendant for Emirates?”

I had planned on giving the cliché answer of “I love people, love to travel” , mainly because I could not for the life of me think of another response! But when the time came, I ended up saying something along the lines of, ” Its something I have always wanted to do.”

I finished. Met my two friends out in the lobby and compared our interviews.

After numbers & “goodlucks!” were exchanged, the three of us went our different ways.

((The ladies had told us that if we received a call by 6pm, to come back the following day.))

I left thinking that I most likely would not be getting a callback.

But I diiiiid! I could not believe it 🙂

End of Day 1


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