Bread-Day Monday!

Today I made bread with Mr M @ B.Restaurant.

Its my new favorite thing!

Burger Buns, about to be baked in the oven.

(These burger buns, although look sweet, are temperamental.For some reason they dont want to look like the puffy cloud-like buns as seen in the above picture. Instead, they want to be flat, disk-like pucks. Not cute.)



Bread is difficult. There is NO room for error.

Or silly mistakes.

And I feel like I am the definition of silly mistakes.

Example #1:

I was loading the baguette dough into the oven today.

And when you are doing that, you have to be FAST when sliding the unbaked baguettes off of the paddle (called a “peel”) into the oven. If you arent quick, the dough turns crooked. And your nice baguette is now the letter “J”.

And that is ugly.

Well, today I told Mr.M that I could do it.

I had done it before – easy. i was unloading the dough off of my peel-stick, I somehow managed to drag one of the baguettes out of the oven – and onto the floor.

Don’t do that.


Example #2

8 + 4 does NOT equal 15

Example #3

Don’t go to the bathroom – and forget that- you have bread almost done in the oven. You will burn it.


More examples to come, I’m sure..




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