Its my first post!  Ack. Lets see how long this blogging thing lasts. Although I LOVE doing things like this, I always forget too.

Ok, lets get deep guys.

I’d like to think of myself as I non-dramatic, laid back, emotionally stable girl. Me the jealous type? Nope!  I would never be stupid enough to like someone who wasnt right for me, right? AND I’m not obsessive, by the way.

Boy was I wrong.

Along comes Mr. S, with all his charm and swagger. Little ‘ol me didn’t even have a chance, guys! I was a goner before I even realized. And whats worse, is the fact that I was in denial. We were “J.F’s”. Nothing more! He didnt like me! I didnt like him! It was all cool.

Denial with a capital D.


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